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Established 2013

Civil Engineering Firm Based in Accra, Ghana

Premier Space Development Company Limited is a civil engineering, architectural, building construction, wood and metal furnishes and interior decorator company registered in Ghana, with an inter-related scope of business operations ranging from remodeling of old buildings, renovation and refurbishment works, facility management, logistics etc. We have a dedicated team of interior decor processes that incorporates a multitude of elements essential to experiencing a building or space as a complete environment.¬†Responsive to our client’s vision, we are committed to a design that expresses the interrelationships between architecture and place, space and form, color and materials, and integrity.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us


At Premier Space, one key philosophy is about functional space. We design and build to suit the clients preference whilst considering that space represents boundlessness in creativity and interior design.


A seamless construction and renovation process is imperial to design uniformity, cohesion and most importantly efficiency. At premier space we offer services from consultancy, designing and building for clients. This not only helps save cost but also reduce the stress of clients managing different companies handling different aspects of the construction environment.


Our concern for the environment is paramount in our business model; that is why at premier space we are concerned about carbon footprints. We thrive to use eco-friendly materials in all our projects from the design stage to construction.


The renovation and building experience of the builder assures that prospective homeowners are guaranteed of quality building materials, professional supervision and timely construction process.


Zero-tolerance for injury and occupational hazards is our hallmark. We are committed to worker and client safety and health by ensuring Health,Safety and Environmental rules are strictly applied on all our sites.


What Our Clients Say

Listen to what our clients have to say…

"I needed quick delivery for my funiture and Premier Space made it happen"
" I am into construction and I've seen some of thier works in progress. Esquisite Engineering at work!"
"Ghana should be ready to see them change the properties industry because their creativity and execution is wild!"

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