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Home Improvement in the Ghanaian Market with Premier Space Development

21st September

The real estate landscape in Accra is largely dominated by older, traditional buildings in prime areas. This is a problem because it limits the availability of newer, more modern homes. Home renovations offer homeowners a chance to increase their equity by addingvalue to their homes, while also benefiting the city as a whole.The government is committed to beautifying our city, and this program provides an opportunity to do just that. This is where Premier Space Development launches they’re long awaited home improvement products. A survey conducted by Premier Space Development among their target group revealed that 56.6% preferred renovating their homes over 43.4% desired to obtain a mortgage. Premier Space Development intends to capitalise on this untapped and underdeveloped real estate market.

The financial aspect of the home improvement industry is competitive as well. Many banksare now offering flexible loan packages for home improvement purposes. The partnership between Premier Space Development and Stanbic Bank is an excellent example of this, as it has enabled many people to receive loans to improve their homes. Many potential clients don’t have effective financial and home improvement plans. However, Premier Space Developments Home Improvement Packages offer clients the flexibility to renovate their homes based on their budget with our packages that range from basic to comfortable to luxurious.

By working with a reputable financial institution like Stanbic Bank, Premier Space Development will be able to provide quality, customer-focused and value-oriented home improvement solutions. At the same time, the bank will showcase and advertise Premier Space Development’s home improvement packages to potential clients through their extensive marketing network. The renovation market within Ghana has seen a massive influx of people looking to renovate their homes over the last few years. The Accra Metropolitan Assembly reported that in 2018 there were about 152 approved building permit applications for improvements to residential properties and this number has continued to grow. This has significantly contributed to the growth of the home improvement industry and transformed it into one of the most profitable sectors in the country. As of 2020, the global home improvement market was worth $763 billion. 

As more people continue to move out of the cities and into the suburbs, there is a considerable demand for houses that are cheaper and can be renovated rather than brand new. This is where Premier Space Development Ltd. comes in as the leading provider of home renovation services in Ghana. Their comprehensive experience in the industry has allowed them to provide quality service to a wide range of clients while maintaining competitive prices simultaneously.